The current version is 1.8.8

For detailed info on what's new, read the changelog and the release notes.

The current version 1.8.8 is linked against the Subversion library 1.8.10.

Please make sure that you choose the right installer for your PC, otherwise the setup will fail.

for 32-bit OS for 64-bit OS
Download TortoiseSVN 1.8.8 - 32-bit Download TortoiseSVN 1.8.8 - 64-bit

To verify the file integrity follow these instructions.


Windows XP

If you're installing TortoiseSVN 1.8 on Windows XP SP3, you must have the latest msi installer installed. You can get that installer from Microsoft:
Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable

Pre-Release Builds

If there is a bug in the latest released version which you really cannot live with, and which has already been reported as fixed, then you can try installing a pre-release build from the stable release branch.

Language packs

Country 32 Bit 64 Bit Separate manual (PDF)
1 Arabic Setup Setup Translate to Arabic
2 Bulgarian Setup Setup Translate to Bulgarian
3 Catalan Setup Setup Translate to Catalan
4 Chinese, simplified Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
5 Chinese, traditional Setup Setup Translate to trad. Chinese
6 Croatian Setup Setup Translate to Croatian
7 Czech Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
8 Danish Setup Setup Translate to Danish
9 Dutch Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
10 Finnish Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
11 French Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
12 Georgian Setup Setup Translate to Georgian
13 German Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
14 Greek Setup Setup Translate to Greek
15 Hungarian Setup Setup Translate to Hungarian
16 Indonesian Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
17 Italian Setup Setup Translate to Italian
18 Japanese Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
19 Korean Setup Setup Translate to Korean
20 Latvian Setup Setup Translate to Latvian
21 Lithuanian Setup Setup Translate to Lithuanian
22 Macedonian Setup Setup Translate to Macedonian
23 Malayalam Setup Setup Translate to Malayalam
24 Norwegian, bokmål Setup Setup Translate to Norwegian
25 Persian Setup Setup Translate to Persian
26 Polish Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
27 Portuguese, Brazil Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
28 Portuguese, Portugal Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
29 Romanian Setup Setup Translate to Romanian
30 Russian Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
31 Serbian, cyrillic Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
32 Serbian, latin Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
33 Slovak Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
34 Slovenian Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
35 Spanish Setup Setup TSVN TMerge
36 Swedish Setup Setup Translate to Swedish
37 Thai Setup Setup Translate to Thai
38 Turkish Setup Setup Translate to Turkish
39 Ukrainian Setup Setup Translate to Ukrainian
40 Vietnamese Setup Setup TSVN TMerge

Other Releases

Forthcoming Releases

To find out what is happening with the project and when you can expect the next major release, take a look at our project status page.

Stable Branch Builds

We maintain ongoing Release Candidates as well. These contain the latest official release plus latest bugfixes and will eventually become the next official release. They are not built nightly, but on demand from the current release branch, typically once a week if there has been any significant bugfix activity. If you find that a certain bug has been fixed and you do not want to wait until the next release, install one of these. Because they are built from the stable branch they should be completely compatible with the current official release and with other compatible Subversion clients. You would also help us tremendously by installing and testing release candidates. Note that the stable branch accepts bugfixes only, not new features.

Trunk Nightly Builds

Nightly Builds are available too. They are built from the current development head and are for testing only. This represents the bleeding edge and may be linked against a newer version of the subversion libraries than is used for the current release. Working copies may be upgraded automatically and become incompatible with the official release and with other subversion clients. We would love you to test these builds, but you should be aware of the potential problems and install only on a machine where your working copies are not critical. Note: This requires Windows Vista SP2 or above. Windows 7 must have SP1 installed. Please read Readme.txt first.

Older Releases

Older releases are available from the Sourceforge files section.

Source Code

TortoiseSVN is under the GPL license. That means you can get the whole source code and build the program yourself.
The source code is hosted on Google Code in our own Subversion repository. You can browse the source code with your favorite web browser directly on the repository.
If you have TortoiseSVN installed, you can check out the whole source code by clicking on the tortoise icon below:
Tortoise logo