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PayPal donations are split among the developers and are used to cover direct costs of development (for example code signing certificates and web hosting).

TortoiseSVN is developed by Stefan and a group of volunteers. You can look at some statistics of the TortoiseSVN project to get an idea how much work each of us does, this also includes previous contributors.


When you click the PayPal icon, you will be taken to the PayPal website where you can donate to the TortoiseSVN project. Please do not donate less than 5 USD/EUR/CHF as this can result in a loss and even a closed account because of 'suspicious activity'.

Note that you do not have to create a PayPal account in order to donate money to the TortoiseSVN project. Please make sure you have read the legal notice at the bottom of this page.

10 CHF
20 CHF
50 CHF