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There are several places where you can get support for TortoiseSVN.

Online documentation



If you have TortoiseSVN installed, you can simply press the F1 key in any dialog to start up the help. That help is the same as the documentation you find here.


Other support

Older Manuals

Older releases are available from the files section. Older releases also contain translated documentation for some languages.

Professional Support

A lot of companies also offer professional support. Some of them are also active in the development of Subversion itself and have hired developers who work actively on the projects.

Project Status

Have a look at our project status page to see what we are working on at the moment, and to check the release history.

TortoiseSVN book

The TortoiseSVN 1.7 Beginner's Guide is a well written book, as its title says for beginners. But it is not available for free. I've also written a small review.

Subversion book

Read the official Subversion book Version Control with Subversion to find out what it's all about. This book explains the general concepts of Subversion. It's no must, but it'll give you deep insight. There's also a free online version available.


A list of common problems and their solutions can be found in the FAQ. Please note that the FAQ contains answers, but is not the place to ask questions. For that you need to go to the users mailing list. When we have a good answer to a good question we post it in the FAQ.

Mailing list

If your question is not answered in any of these places, you can subscribe to one of our two mailing lists:

  • The users list, where we deal with the howto (configuration, daily work, ...). If there is something you don't understand, feel free to ask a question here and you will usually get a rapid response.
  • The developer list, where we discuss the internals of TortoiseSVN (bugs, features, enhancements, ...). If you want to contribute to the project, this is where the development discussions take place.

Please have a look at our community page to find out how to subscribe to and search those mailing lists.