A diff/merge tool for Windows

Version 1.14

Stefan Küng

Lübbe Onken

Simon Large

2023/07/30 22:50:46 (r29597)

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction
TortoiseMerge's History
2. Basic Concepts
Viewing and Merging Differences
Editing Conflicts
Applying Patches
3. Using TortoiseMerge
Viewing Modes
Viewing / Merging
Applying Patches
Buttons and Other Controls
Line Status Icons
Merging / Editing Conflicts
Open Files
Viewing / Merging
Applying Patches
Main Settings Page
Colour Settings Page
A. Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
General Keyboard Shortcuts
Diff-Mode Keyboard Shortcuts
Conflict Resolution Mode Keyboard Shortcuts
B. Automating TortoiseMerge
TortoiseMerge Command Line Switches

List of Figures

1.1. File Conflict
2.1. File Conflict
3.1. One Pane View
3.2. Two Pane View
3.3. Three Pane View
3.4. Patch File List
3.5. The Open Dialog
3.6. The Settings Main Page
3.7. The Settings Color Page

List of Tables

B.1. List of available command line options

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