Appendix B. How Do I...

Table of Contents

Move/copy a lot of files at once
Force users to enter a log message
Hook-script on the server
Project properties
Update selected files from the repository
Roll back (Undo) revisions in the repository
Use the revision log dialog
Use the merge dialog
Use svndumpfilter
Compare two revisions of a file or folder
Include a common sub-project
Use svn:externals
Use a nested working copy
Use a relative location
Add the project to the repository
Create a shortcut to a repository
Ignore files which are already versioned
Unversion a working copy
Remove a working copy

This appendix contains solutions to problems/questions you might have when using TortoiseSVN.

Move/copy a lot of files at once

Moving/Copying single files can be done by using TortoiseSVNRename.... But if you want to move/copy a lot of files, this way is just too slow and too much work.

The recommended way is by right dragging the files to the new location. Simply right click on the files you want to move/copy without releasing the mouse button. Then drag the files to the new location and release the mouse button. A context menu will appear where you can either choose Context MenuSVN Copy versioned files here. or Context MenuSVN Move versioned files here.

Figure B.1. The TortoiseSVN right drag context menu for moving files

The TortoiseSVN right drag context menu for moving files

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